Blue tooth issues


I would like some feed back to Apple Users and Mac Users. I just updated My Dash and some thing work great, but that said when I connect to my 15in Mac book Pro if I turn my head to the Left no issues, but I turn it to the right I lose sound. I mean what the heck is that all about. I haven’t check out the phone yet but tomorrow will be my test. Hey Bragi, I love My DASH but can we please make it so I can turn my head. I believe in your project and you product but come on.



I have had the same issue. The problem is that the antenna is located in your right Dash. And turning you head 35+ degree to the right makes your head block the signal. Yes, stupid dense head. Will try to test with the 3.0.1 update.


So looks like the BT have had a major overhaul or more buffers ?? This is no longer a problem for me. YEAH !! And also since updating I have had not dropout using it normally.


After the 3.01 update I took my morning walk and was able to keep my phone in my back pocket without any Bluetooth dropouts. So something with the Bluetooth was definitely updated. :+1:


Ok so after my first run I have to switch to the right arm for my phone or it drops when my head is turned. The Blue tooth still is troublesome but it has improved slightly. i just don’t get why in this day and age we can’t fix the line of sight issue.


It has more to do with the physical limitations of Bluetooth. I’ve owned wired BT headphones that were much more balky than the Dash has been. I’m honestly not trying to be a troll here. I’m more interested to know what will happen with my $500 custom made, wireless BT headphones moving forward to the newer BT 5.0.


I disagree with it being a bluetooth issue. I’ve used the Apple AirPods. Their connectivity is a million times better than the Dash. I’ve worked with Dash tech support. Ran the latest OS 3.01, etc. I can only believe Bragi is trying to resolve a hardware design failure with firmware updates and there is only so much they can do.


Just went on my first walk with my dogs since the 3.0 update. I have to say that I am really impressed with how much better the BT connectivity is outside with the new update. Walked about 4 miles and my guess is there were very slight connection issues about 3-4 times. Oh yeah, the phone was in my front right shorts pocket about 99% of the time. I’m sure that other peoples experiences will be different but so far I think they’ve made a decent enough tweak to the Dash that it is VERY usable outside now. This includes turning my head in either direction as well as stooping down to do something for my pups. To be quite honest the connection was at least as good as the pair of The Headphones that I own. (which prior to the 3.0 update for The Dash was all I used for walking my dogs)


After the latest update 3.0

Same bluetooth non-sense. Damn annoying. I hate this over priced product. SCAM!

And the device does not shut-off when I put it into the case.!!! How stupid is that. Dumb ear phone.


Can’t argue with the bluetooth issue, gotta get the pro version and it’s way better. As far as it not shutting off, they go into low power mode after putting them in the charger and they are fully charged. Mine have stayed in there for weeks and the charger still had plenty of battery left. They will barely draw any power after they shut down. Seems to take like 30 min after they are done charging if not less and they stop flashing all together. I love my dash pros


I have just picked up a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I’m using it with my dash 1.0 at present I have experienced a improvement in the Bluetooth signal and with the phone placed upside down in my right pocket i.e the bottom facing the top I can now look over my right shoulder outside to check traffic with no breaks in Bluetooth signal. this is very very positive and definitely something that I couldn’t do with my note 4


Still use a note4 and was thinking about an upgrade already…this definately makes my decision a whole lot easier…thx for sharing :wink:


Haha I’m an enabler :wink:

Further walk to and from work today. 30 mins each way and had a fantastic experience. One or two skips but I definitely feel they were electromagnetic or just normal interference and not a break from checking traffic over my shoulder.

Man, once finally arrives it’ll up the ante even further.


Avoiding any Bragi forever