Blinking Red & Yellow Lights of Doom


So not used my Dash all weekend since Friday Night when they where working fine and when I go to use them Monday Morning for my stroll to the Station for my Morning commute I find they wont connect to my iPhone and are totally unresponsive. So I put them back in the charger case thinking they may have not been connected properly and they right ear starts blinking red & yellow whilst the left ear just breaths blue! I can’t find anything on the Bragi web site about the red & yellow blinking!
After leaving them all morning on charge to see if it’s a battery problem nothing seems to have changed! Right ear is still blinking Red & Yellow and left one breathing blue. So I put both in to the relevant ear and see what happens and the right ears says “I can not connect right now and I need to cool down please replace me in to the charger until I stop blinking Red & Yellow” so I did this and some two plus hours it is still blinking Red & Yellow plus it does not seem to be cooling down. So I place in ears again and I get the same message but this time straight after it connects to my iPhone if those nothing had been wrong with the unit in the first place. So I listen to some music for an hour with out any issues when all of a sudden the Dash announces It need recharging as low on battery even though it has been sat in its cradle for the best part of the day (all morning some 5 plus hours). So I put them back into the charger and the right ear start blinking Red & Yellow again whilst the left ear is breathing blue!
I am running the latest BOS3 and up until now not had an issue with this set of the Dash even though this is my third pair supplied by Bragi as others have given up the ghost for other reason this is the first time I have encounter the red & yellow blinking light. Can any one advise if they have had this before and am I looking at doing a hard re set??


just had the same issues pop up with my Dash Pro. currently sat in the charger with a fan over the top.


10-20 mins of that and they are now charging fine and no red amber flashing.


If you put your Dash in your ears while blinking red and yellow you should hear a message that says (roughly) “I’m sorry, but I need to cool down. Please put me in the charger until I start breathing blue.” I had this happen to me when I left them in direct sunlight. Cooling can take like 45-60 minutes in my case.

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Interesting tip. I’ve never encountered this before. Good to know if it ever happens to me… Or if I ever actually get my order :confused:

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My left dash has been like this for 2 days now and it isn’t remotely warm.
Any suggestions gratefully received?


Is this a new issue limited to the pro only? I never heard of this issue with the normal dash


This seems to be a new 3.x behavior. I’ve had The Dash since the beginning. I upgraded to 3 yesterday (great sound improvement btw!). My left dash didn’t look like it was seated properly and started blinking red & yellow after I adjusted it. That is a new behavior. After about 15 minutes it just transitioned to normal blue breathing.


I just got my dash yesterday and I have the same issue. It can still connect to my iPhone but the dash is still blinking. It’s been hours and I don’t know what to do.

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So, I put my right Dash accidentally in the washing machine and now it’s doing the same thing: Blinking red & yellow all the time.
It’s pretty warm but not hot or something. My charging case is discharged right now and I don’t have acces to a cable to charge it at the moment.

Don’t know what to do, does anyone know what to do?


May not help but I too have put my dash through a washing machine cycle. Had no unusual lights blinking and they actually functioned almost perfectly after they came out (just the mic wouldn’t work for voice calls).


same thing is happening here… please help


Thanks for the suggestions everybody!

Bragi OS 3.0 has come with some changes and the behavior you experienced was one of them.
I will try to explain you why The Dash is reacting as it is and how we can resolve the issue.

When your Dash is placed in its charger, it might occur that it is not being charged correctly. This can lead to your Dash overheating.
Our engineers have developed an algorithm that detects any irregularities and mirrors The Dash´s current state which helps you taking preventive steps. When this happens, your Dash will start blinking switching between an orange and red light.
In such cases your Dash will also let you know when placing it in your ears. You can still use it, even though we suggest to not do so, since it can cause severe damage to your Dash´s hardware.

The current state of your Dash is only temporary. It should actually be resolved by placing it back into The Charger for a few minutes. To be completely sure, we would suggest to leave The Dash in The Charger (plugged in to a power source) overnight. So please try that out and let us know how it works.

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I’m having the same problem, but it will not go away even after charging for 24 hours. How do I fix this problem?


Hi Espen,

Can you please send a picture of the Golden Pins in order for me to investigate the issue?

Kristian - Team Bragi


Sure, attached!
When it put it in the charger I get a blue pulse, but after a little while red and yellow :frowning:



Thanks for providing the picture. I would like to see The Charger, in order to investigate whether The Golden Pins are dislocated! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


Attached are the picture of my charger. It charges the dash ok, but when I want to use it the blinking starts.


Thanks for providing the pictures! As I can see on the picture, there’s some issues with The Charger. Can you please provide your email so we can have a talk about it?



My emailadress is
Looking forward to your response and to start using my dash again.