Beta Ears Milestone


Congratulations on the Beta Ears milestone! I think the concept is compelling, especially the ListeningScenes and ComfortTones! I was intrigued to read that the hardware seems substantially different from The Dash, with the removal of Bluetooth, for example. More information about that would be great and if my application is accepted then I guess I’ll find out. Personally, I’d be willing to pay a fee to upgrade The Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey with the Project Ears functionality and hope that that will be possible!

Kind regards,


Thanks for the feedback Josh! Much appreciated.

I’ll pass the feedback to the development team :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for more news!

Kristian - Team Bragi


Hi Kristian,

Are the Beta Ears the same hardware as The Dash Pro but with modified firmware? What are the differences if not?


Hey, I would have been happy to beta test but the price for the test unit seems a little high just to test it out. If it had bluetooth I would have tried it since I could at least use it as a spare dash if it wasnt that useful to me…but if it didn’t work for me I’d be out a few hundred bucks so I doubt think I’ll be trying it