Been updating 3.1 for an hour now!


it’s been stuck on “teaching progress” for almost an hour now ?
anyone has the same experience? what to do? start all over again?


Sorry to say but it ain’t gonna come out of it, pretty much everyone on this forum had issues updating. You’re gonna have to close the updater and hope your Dash survives that, eject the usb (safely), reset them and try again. Look in other threads and read about the same issue.


I didn’t have this particular issue but I had 7 failures updates in varying ways before the launcher finally worked on the 8th try.


I never experienced an update issue, but I performed my update by manually dragging the update files into the dash… not using their software updater… It then took somewhere between an hour - 2 hours


interesting… doing that process mine would blink like they were updating for a minute or so then I’d go to breathing normally signalling it was done… and I’d insert them to an update failed error :disappointed:. at least I’m fully functional right now