Battery Percentage - iPhone Widget


Just found this today - you all might already know about it but
the Battery Widget on the iPhone will show you your Bragi (Pro) battery percentage (if 3.0+ version) - thought this was interesting :slight_smile:


Yes, great to see that you’re using it! :slight_smile:


Thanks Michael. Fingers crossed it finds a way onto android in the future too, cool!


Is it working for android users yet? I thought I heard it would work for new android oreo 8.0 and up but i just got a new galaxy s9 with it and still have no battery icon or anything to tell me the battery life but the lights on the dash. Thanks


It’s still not working for Android users yet. The reason is that we cannot implement it with Androids current software.

We’re working on finding a way to do so!

Kristian - Team Bragi


I just got an Android 8.0 Oreo upgrade pushed to my note 8 today. This is not a scale in the task bar, you have to manually select the BT device but this is new…