Battery life of The Dash


Hi all. Realistically how many hours have you managed to use your Dash?

I have a Kickstarter Dash and I usually wear them for a 2 hours run (I use my Dash about twice a week) and notice one side (left) sometimes only able to last 1-1.5 hrs while the right side is able to last throughout my run.

I don’t use any of the health functions just as music player is Bluetooth to my iphone.



I only did short runs with the Dash. In the beginning i sometimes the Dash was already empty when i got out the door because i did not store it in the cradle. But since i have ironed that out, i was able to run a half-marathon with the Dash playing Music which took about 2 hours. After that the Dash was almost empty, so i would say 2 Hours if fully charged.


Hey Shen,

Battery’s do reduce in performance over time, anyone with a smartphone can attest to this. This said there are a few things I can mention here, one is that if you used the in-built music player you should get longer battery life due to not having to connect to Bluetooth. Added bonus here is that you will also not have to take your phone out running.
Secondly we are working on an update which we hope will further enhance the battery life on all Dash.


I’d say about 2 hours after full charge in the battery case and then my dash dies too!


I came close to 2 hours. HR on.

Just walking around while listening music through bluetooth.


The most I’ve recorded was 4 and some hours. That was with HR and auto tracking turned off; everything else I left turned on. I was also using the internal music player.

For BT I got around 3


I tested to flat last night from a full charge on Bluetooth almost all of the time and audio transparency on when I wasn’t playing music. I got just over 4 hours. Back on 2.2 I would get just shy of 3.5 hours just on internal player.