Battery life left side greater than right side?


The Bragi app displays the battery status of both sides of the Dash. The left side seems the have a greater battery life than the right side. When the right side battery is approaching 0% the left side battery shows at least a 30% battery status. I only get about 3 hours and 20 minutes battery life while streaming music.

Another problem I noticed with the right Dash: When I disable light-feedback in the bragi app, (only) the right dash continues to show light-feedback.

Can anybody share their experiences regarding these behaviours with the Dash Pro?

Thank you.


The right side uses a more energy demanding bluetooth since that’s where the music and phone calls get routed through. Left side uses low energy bluetooth to connect to the app and only handles very light amount of data. My left unit also always have more battery left, though I was never surprised.