Battery drains fast and recharges fast

Hello. My bragi dash pro seems to drain super fast. I used to get about 4-5 hours previously now I can’t get more than 30 minutes before it dies. I’ve noticed it recharges quicker though, but same thing goes again after a full charge.

I’ve updated the dash and reset it and tried to do anything my mind can think of. My bragi dies super fast and it’s irritating.

Please help.

Hi @Sigmapickle!
How long have you had your Dash Pro? Can you estimate how many charge and discharge cycles it’s been through? Also, does it breathe blue after sitting in The Charger for this now reduced charging time? How long did it take to charge before and how long does it take now? My experience with both The Dash and The Dash Pro suggests that charging from empty should take about 50 minutes. Is that consistent with what you’ve seen?

Overall, I’d suggest that you contact (noting that we’re in a repair crisis, ATM – see other threads), but I’m sure everyone is interested in hearing about how The Dash Pro is behaving for you!

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi Josh thank you for your quick response. I’ve had my dash for about a year. It’s been through a lot of charging cycles. Yes it breathes red initially when I put it on the charger, then to green 6-7 minutes later, and then finally to blue in 15 minutes or less. Charging used to take about an hour from empty for me as well before, but now it seems reduced.

Any advice will really help. Thank you.

Hmm. I’m not sure what to say… I wish knew more about battery and electrical science to be able to offer you an explanation. It obviously takes longer than 15 minutes to charge. There are a couple of things to try:

  • reset The Dash Pro by nesting (or placing) them in The Charger. Then, after they synchronize their breathing, press the reset button on The Charger for 5 seconds (until The Charger’s LED flashes red a few times). Also, don’t press for too long (10 seconds) or you will activate Shipping Mode, which also flashes the LED red.
  • perform a recovery update (Bragi/Dash support can assist here – e-mail them for instructions)
  • and this is a wacky one, but I think that I read once that placing The Dash in The Charger upside down, so that the DataHub and charing pins are disconnected for some (read: forgotten) period of time and the magnetometers get activated, will reset them to factory settings. But you should confirm this with Bragi/Dash support and let us know!

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I’ve tried the reset button but its still the same. Recently, I’ve noticed that the battery of the dash now shows on my phone (I use an Android device on one plus 3t and one plus 7 pro) both devices show the batter of the dash. It didn’t show previously. It seems the battery drains fast. It would show 100%, but after a couple of minutes it would be 90%, then 80%, … Till 40-30% until it’s empty. Also, the dash would tell me it’s running out of battery and shut down immediately. Previously, it used to annoy me it was low on battery waaay long it actually shuts down. Something seems to be draining the battery so fast. I’ve tried connecting it to two different devices but the same results. The battery drains always in 10%, 90-80-70-60 all in a matter of 20 minutes or so. My battery goes down to 70-60% just by listening to one song.

I didn’t update for a while so I though it could be this problem but it didn’t resolve after I updated it. I am running android 9.0.4.

Everything else is doing well except the battery issue.

Well, the battery cell has clearly failed – IMO. Can you use the Bragi App > Service > About The Dash (available in iOS – not sure about Android) option to identify whether it’s the left or right side that is running low? A repair or replacement is probably needed, but only support can say for sure.

As for updates, it was a Bragi OS 3.x.y release that brought the charge status indicator to iOS and apparently Android, as well. The software version of The Dash Pro and your phone are separate.

Kind regards,

Hi Josh, I’ve clicked on the service in bragi app it shows both earbuds on version 3.2 but it doesn’t indicate which side’s battery is running low?

Are replacements/repair even available at this time as I heard bragi has sold the company or am I screwed?

Thank you again for your quick responses. I’ve emailed the support email you’ve linked but honestly I don’t know what to do next.

Thank you.

Hi @Sigmapickle,
On iOS it shows the battery level (as a percentage) for each side – perhaps that’s not available with Android, as it seems that there are subtle differences between the Android and iOS Bragi apps.

We, as customers, do not – honestly – know what is happening with manufacturing and repair, as I hinted at. I get the impression and hope that things will work out eventually, but it’s frustrating in the meantime! Long waits for the world’s coolest hearables may be inevitable. :frowning: is your next step.

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It sounds like a failure or a fault. I’ve had my pro for well over a year and it’s still doing really well battery wise. I can get about 3 and a half or 4 hours on bluetooth.

Hopefully some resetting can help your situation though. Good luck!