Battery Doesn't Stay Charged

I recently purchased the Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey. I charge them, use them then put them back in the case and verify charge. I come back to use them a few days later and EVERY TIME THEY ARE DEAD! I am finding out there is no real way to turn these things OFF! This makes this product nearly useless since every time I want to use them they are DEAD. When they are powered… I love them. Please tell me there is a fix for this. Also, it is a pain to get these things to synch correctly so they are both “breathing” in unison. So annoying to go on a business trip, put them in my bag to charge and then come back and they are dead. For $600 I would expect more. Please advise.


First of all, thanks for purchasing The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey.

Please have a look at the following, in order to put the device into shipping mode and avoid situations like described:

Let me know if there is anything else!

Kristian - Team Bragi

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This is a pretty frustrating workaround; I hope that’s obvious. Is there simply a way for the dash pro to detect that it’s in the charging case and “turn off” on it’s own. I’ve had this problem since I got the dash pro (which I love). Especially for a device with such a limited battery life they need the ability to “sleep” or stop consuming power. This is a huge waste of the charging case as well because it basically means everyone is cycling both the earbuds and the charging case fully for little to no reason and decreasing their lifespans.

Is this addressable in the bragi firmware?
Will it be addressed?


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for constructive feedback! We’re always taking the inputs into consideration, and be sure that we’ll pass the information to our Development Team.

I’ll let you know when we have any updates :slight_smile: The only way to stop The Charger from charging is by putting it into shipping mode.


My battery box is dead, where can I buy a new one ?

Can’t buy one from E-use yet as the store is still not online. Maybe search Ebay for a dash pro sold for parts? Chances are the units themselves may be the issue and the charger could be fine- all confirmed by the listing.