Battery Charger


Hi my question is this;

I use the dash pro for one or two hours and when I finish I put them back in the charger, does the charger full charge the dash every time I put them in? I am stating this because I dont fully use the 5 hours capacity of the dash, and the charger that is ment to recharge 5 times, it seems that after 4 times the procedure above begins to flash the red light meanning it must be connected to charge it self.


I’m not an electrical engineer, but I believe that I understand the charger to always charge The Dash fully – that is it’s purpose. But if you’ve only used half of the battery in The Dash then it seems that you should get 8-10 charges from the charger. I thought the red light flashing meant that The Dash were being rebooted in response to the charger’s pinhole being pressed for more than 5 seconds, I think it is. Are you sure that you mean flashing? For the charger to show red does mean that its battery is low, however.

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Hi Josh you are correct it’s not flashing it just shows red meannig as you say that it mus be charged, thank you for the feedback


My experience is similar in that the charger does not seem to provide the equivalent of 5 full 0 to 100% charge cycles to the earpieces in my typical usage which should be 10, 50 to 100% cycles.

I would hazard a guess that the latter 1/2 of the charge cycle is less efficient than the first half. For illustration, at 0% charge, 100 electrons from the charger results in 90 stored in the earpiece cells. At 50% 100 electrons from the charger results in 70 stored in the earpiece. At the end of the charge, the same 100 electrons might only result in a few stored as charge in the earpiece cells.

Furthermore, with the Dash not being in storage mode, there would be a standby current drawing down the Dash charge that requires the charger to provide a float voltage to maintain the earpiece charge state which would reduce the number of charge cycles available. Over a period of two weeks, I was on one occassion only able to get a bit over two cycles from the base charger and guess that is the most likely explanation.

I wish the documentation were clearer on this point.