Availability outside US & Canada


Greetings Gang!

I can’t wait to get my hands on a fitted Dash Pro, but I live in Australia. There are Starkey professionals all over Australia - how long until you extend availability beyond North America?




Here are the international distributors list, so let’s hope they make a deal with a few local stores.


He Emm, we are working hard to get availability worldwide and hope to have more updates in the near future.


Any updatrs? A timeline perhaps?


I am also interested in the dash pro by starsky for Australia, when might this be available?


Wird es auch irgendwann in Deutschland die costumized Dash Pro’s (starsky) geben?

Will the Bragi Dash Pro in costumized (starsky) ever be available in Germany?


Hi I am interested in availability in the Netherlands. Hope to hear a timeline. If in near future I prefer to wait otherwise I have to choose the non custom type.


Are there any more updates?


Thanks for the great interest everybody.

We would love to offer it within EU but The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey are made and supplied by Starkey so it’s really up to them when it will be available. We do however all understand the demand in Europe etc :slight_smile: