Audio transparency activated (and music paused) when owner's name is said


Would be interesting and useful, especially in an office environment, to use name as a trigger for audio transparency to switch on and music (if any) paused.

In Sweden big open office spaces with multiple work stations is a common practice. I work with my phone a lot, going from meeting to meeting, so using the dash at work, unless it’s too noisy, is quite practical. In between calls it is always nice with some peace and quiet to get work done. But if a colleague calls for me I might not always hear.

Would it be possible to calibrate the dash to recognise a name, and tie audio transparency to this? Maybe even have a calibration that requires both a male and female to state a name, to broaden the scope of voice recognition. Obviously, if this is even possible, audio transparency would turn on after the name is spoken, so you won’t actually hear your name, but suddenly having audio transparency activated is enough to make you realise something is up.