Apple Watch Pairing


With LTE, the Apple Watch Series 3 paired with a Bragi Dash Pro would be the ultimate partnership for being able to track activities on the go and being able to make calls without taking your phone on a run. I’ve read that the Dash and Dash Pro do not pair with an Apple Watch. Are there any plans to address this for the new models/OS?


Hey 3mmj4y,

I personally have an Apple watch and have it paired with my Dash Pro no problems.



Excellent, thanks @Dean!

I’m assuming that it pears on the Audio Bluetooth Channel, but not from an Activity Tracking perspective?

Is it easy to switch been pairing with an iPhone versus the Apple Watch?


Just picked up the cellular Apple Watch series 3 this past weekend and have my Dash Pro paired with no issues :+1:


Those with an Apple Watch series 3 LTE and the Dash Pro, are you having bluetooth issues? I have both and the bluetooth streaming is unusable, constantly cuts out whilst walking, a bit better when running but this is due to my wrist been higher.

Watch is worn on my left wrist


Hi everybody,

I have a question regards apple watch (series 3 LTE) paring. I successfully managed to pair The Dash Pro with my apple watch. However it paired as a “health device” and not as a “normal” device. Thus, I’m unable to use The Dash Pro as output device for music. It only offers the AirPods from apple.
Can anybody help me how I can pair The Dash Pro so that I can use it in combination with music?

Thx in advance.

BTW: The pairing of Bragi The Dash with my iPhone works without issues.

BR Paulchen


I have the Apple series 2 watch and the audio connects flawlessly. However the health device constantly disconnects from the watch. The connection may last 10-25 minutes then it becomes unstable and disconnects. It will always reconnect when I go to the Bluetooth setting, but as soon as I leave the settings it will disconnect again. This happens all the time. Good connection for 10-25 minutes then come the disconnect cycles. The other issue would be a very weak Bluetooth signal from the Dash Pro. (Starkey). If my hand goes behind me or to far to the side, my music will start to be choppy. Looks like I paid a lot for a Dash Pro (Starkey) that was supposed to be re-engineered with an invigorated Bluetooth chip.


same problem here with the jabra wireless sport

did you solved it?


Hi, I got the apple watch series 3 with cellular connectivity and works pretty well, the only problem I noticed is when I’m running or walking the signal goes and comes, its not steady. Do you think its a watch or Dash problem?


I’m hoping it may be something that can be resolved with future software updates. I’ve recently been getting Bluetooth dropouts now with my Dash Pro and Apple Watch 3 only when walking/running. Initially had no issues, now unless I’m looking straight ahead I get an occasional hiccup in audio streaming.

Can someone from the team confirm if Apple Watch connectivity improvements are being worked on?


Apple Watch Series 3 und dash pro, newest firmware both. Pairing does not work. Apple watch categorizes Dash pro after bluetooth connecting as health device - not music at all. Airpods arr recognized as Earphones - need help!


H, have exactly the same problem, Apple watch 3 and dash pro connects as health device - cannot hear music - an obvious bug. Apple hotline is still working, they say it is probably a BragiOS problem…


Ok pairing with the apple watch does work. You must disconnect it from your Iphone first then you can pair it with your watch. If you try and pair it with your watch while it is paired with the phone it will show up only as a health device this will not allow you to play music.

Put the headphones in push and hold the right earphone it should ask you to disconnect your audio tap once it will disconnect. No you can go to your watch in the setting Bluetooth and see the Bragi headphones and pair them with your watch!
I this works just did it tonight.