Any user experiences with MyTap (Beta)


Has anyone had any luck with MyTap (Beta)? I’ve enabled it with the instructions but it doesn’t activate Siri on my iPhone.


Hey Hank,

We are still tweeking the MyTap (Beta) and sometimes it takes a little bit of playing around to find the sweet spot for it to work. We have further improvements coming in the near future along with some other very exciting features :slight_smile:


The times I tried it I needed to tap a specific area… Hard.

I stopped using it as walking caused it to activate.


I have had good luck with it, but I don’t like the annoying jingle it plays. It would be nice if the sound efx were capped regardless of the audio level so that we don’t get an unpleasant jolt.

Typically right behind my jaw line (weak) works best for me.


Actually it’s a feature I really quite liked but it’s very much a case of time and place. I liked to have it turned on when I’m in the house, however if i’m going outside walking, cycling or running it has to be deactivated as it falsely activates very regularly.

With this in mind, only wanting to use it 50% of the time it’s something I’d like to be able to turn on and off from the 4D menu. As someone who seldom connected to my phone due to the bluetooth limitations, it’s a pain to have to turn on BT on my phone, connect, connect the app, go into setting and turn it on/off. I’ve also found that more often than not I have to take the dash out of my ear and or reseat them in the charger for the change to take effect. So not terribly conducive to switching seamlessly between turning on and off.

In the house I find it very useful indeed. If I’m cooking or painting or something where my hands are a bit mucky and I don’t really want to touch the dash, I can pause and have transparency come on instantly just by tapping my cheek and then back to music the same way. Quite useful in these small situations.


Works perfectly for me I even at night put the lock on so I don’t get any false readings from the pillow and just use the My tap to change songs. It works to good some of the times while working out if I get a heavy weight it will skip the song for me , it’s then that I disable it.