Any update on a next gen Dash?


I have an original Dash, which still works fine aside from the whole Bluetooth issue. But it’s getting close to two years without any announcement from Bragi on a next gen Dash.

I understand some companies might want to keep things under wraps to keep driving sales of the current model, but I think Bragi is too small of a company, and competition is too fierce right now, for them to NOT announce something really, really soon. I’ve been thinking about getting new earbuds, and frankly a two year old model of ANY tech simply isn’t going to be on my list of top choices. The Dash Pro is great, but as consumers we have become accustomed to 1-2 year replacement cycles for most things. Technology changes too fast, and Bluetooth 5.0 is a major example of a pretty big tech shift that Bragi needs to incorporate.

Plus, I’d like confirmation that Bragi has fixed the incredibly annoying problem with the pins in their chargers. I’ve had 3 different chargers, and all of them have stopped working well after a month. I finally just gave up and stuck with my last one even though it takes up to 10 minutes sometimes to get the bud in “just right” so that it charges and syncs correctly because one of the pins are loose.

Even if we don’t get a date on the next Dash, could we at least get a date on an announcement? The Dash Came out at the end of 2015. The Dash Pro mid 2017, so that cycle was about 1.5 years. We’re now 2 months shy of 2 years without even an announcement. Give us some hope, guys!