Any plans to allow Audible Files to load to the Dash Pro?


It would be great to load one or two audiobooks onto the Dash Pro and go for a run or flight and not have to use the phone as a Audiobook player.


No reason you can’t. You can transfer doc and jpg files to them. In a pinch, if you don’t have a memory stick with you, you can transfer just about any file if you have your Bragi Dash, the charge case and an appropriate USB cord.

Audible files are encoded as MP3 or ACELP with proprietary DRM (digital rights management) added to prevent unauthorised sharing. I believe Audible licensing allows you to burn a single copy to CD but any further use is beyond your license. Once in CD format, you can easily rip the CD to MP3 tracks that are playable on your Bragi as the DRM is stripped, but this is a violation of your terms of use with Audible.

There are a number of conversion programs you can use to convert the Audible files directly to MP3, all of which constitute another way to violate your licensed use.

I think you need to lobby Audible in order to be able to use your files on the Dash as they hold the control and I don’t see a lawful path to using their files. If they saw a market, they might develop a portable licence token that companies like Bragi could work with to allow such files to play but the ball is in Audible’s court on this one. I doubt it will happen in the forseeable future.

I’ve ripped a few audio books on CD from a few I have purchased and some borrowed from the public library (watch licensing with library books) and these files play well on the Dash. Prior to the latest update, any books I had ripped to 32 Kb/s crashed the Bragi MP3 player so I needed to up the bitrate to get reliable playback. I’m not certain whether this problem has been resolved with the latest firmware.