Any new delivery info?


So It’s been about 30 working days (42 total days) (Ordered 6/01/17)since I preordered my dashpro and I emailed them to see if I can get a better idea when I should expect the money to be taken out and for my dash pro to be shipped
I’ve been considering just canceling my order and buying a pair from Best Buy but I also feel like I’ve waited this long I am wait longer
Does any one have info on when we will be getting a tracking number ? Or how long the shipping is to CA(USA)?


Still waiting here in Canada


Damn it feels like nobody is getting anything so the line is just growing and not moving along


There is another topic in the forum about shipping anticipation. As you can see, despite it is the most followed subject on the forum and the fact that it’s directly about customers and the products they order… no real info. Well it is really a shame.