Answering Phone Calls


Hi, I’ve been using The Dash for months now, but does anyone of you tried to use the dash for phone calls? From my experience, I was not able to use the dash since the caller cannot hear me. I instead change to iphone mode to answer call. Is this a hardware defect needed to be returned or is it the limitation of the dash?


Hello Marc,

You should indeed be able to take calls on your Dash. Is it on the latest Bragi OS? If it is and you are still having issues the please contact our support team who will be more than happy to help fix or replace your device :slight_smile:


I use The Dash all the time to make phone calls. You should also be able to do this.


I’ve used a few times and people are able to hear me fine. Though sometimes the don’t hear me because the connection between the Dash and phone goes a bit haywire.


Many time I have no voice in left dash during telephone calls.


Mine is not working too. Recipient can’t hear anything. Tried contacting tech support but not working too. Shd I replace the earphones?


Hey Joyce_Jayden_Lee,

You say you contacting tech support, if they are unable to fix the device we should be able to swap it out for you if still in warrantee.


Thank so for the reply! I think I will just go and replace my device!


Hi Dean,

Does this apply for me. I bought the item in Germany but now I’m located here in Manila, Philippines. The Item is already a replacement of my first purchased Dash.


Hey Marc,

You would need to contact Customer Support to see if possible but likely it would need to be done via Germany.