Android app reverts to Celsius


It doesn’t reply matter at this point I guess because the weather or temp is never implemented in anything that I know of, but every time I set it to Fahrenheit I close the app and I go back and it’s on Celsius again


Where can you see this information in the app?


It’s under settings I’m pretty sure, I am using the android app if that matters too


Oh yes, I see it. I wonder what it is for… The dash pro doesn’t have a temperature sensor. The biosensors it has are Dual pulse oxiometer sensors.

Can you view your respiration rate by using the app? I can see heart rate but not respiration rate anywhere even though it says “Breaths” here:


Haven’t tried it yet, but I think that’s only if your swimming for breaths


Well you could try it out for a minute when you are resting and see if it matches your actual respiration rate. (Count how many breaths you take for a minute)