"An update on your Bragi Dash Pro" Email was not a real update


Just got an email from Bragi, which uses the subject line to falsely pretend to be an update.
Updates, by definition, contain new information. This is a note saying we should continue holding our breath, because retail customers are higher priority than original kickstarter backers.
For posterity, here’s the timeline and level of business integrity I’ve experienced from Bragi
Ordered June 7th, no timeline initially provided.
Requested update July 10th
July 11th: Bragi replied that estimated time was 45 days from order, which would make it mid- July
July 26th: First Bragi email “update” that is not a real update
August 18: Second Bragi email “update” that is not a real update

Bragi has so many talented engineers, there is no way they can be this wrong, this many times. Which means they are simply lying to us. Because by my math, missing dozens of ship dates over the course of years (going back to kickstarter) means they are either liars or incompetent, And if they were stupid they couldn’t design this good a product. SO, if they aren’t incompetent, they must be liars… right?

Mistakes happen, but I choose not to do business with a company that lacks integrity. I’ll be emailing them and cancelling my order.


I think it was the most informative update so far as there were a few pieces of new infor relayed including extended warrenties etc… Sure we still don’t have a delivery date but I do feel it was an update nonetheless :slight_smile:


100% agree, and I really don’t understand people trying to counterpoint the frustration by defending the poor communication and process as a whole here… THERE HAVE BEEN NO UPDATES.


Bragi is a small company, so on one hand it is kind of okay to have the production/delivery problems. But a general communication on updates doesn’t really require such big manpower. The way that those updates are formulated is not really helpful for us customers that are so looking forward to receiving the product. As it always says something like “You will receive your DashPro sooner than later” and nothing happens, it appears like a lie for me.
Not a good feeling…


In reply to this you can buy them now at Best buy. So first went the retailers and then us.


Well guess who has the better contracts…