Am I the only one? Waiting months

I too have been stuck in this endless loop of different reasons every months or so, to why my replacement cant be processed. This is my 4th pair of Pros that have just stopped working and had to get replaced. Now Im fighting just to get the 5th pair, which with my luck, they’ll end up having the same issues as all the others. I dont see how a company can just lead on their customers for months and months when they have paid for the product and the company fails to produce results. I’ve always been a die-hard loyal supporter of Bragi but this whole past situation has really opened my eyes and has me reconsidering my loyalty. I just want what I paid for. Its not the consumers fault that the business decides to make changes, and we should not have to suffer because of it. It would be different if I just used them for music and such, but I have severe hearing loss and I personally use the Dash Pros as a hearing aid alternative and without them I struggle to hear everyday conversations. I’ve had emails going back and forth for months and it first was “hopefully within a week” then " by the mid-end of month" and now its just not even a option. I feel like I, as a paying customer with multiple pairs, am just being led on and on, and it honestly seems like bragi just wants to wait so long that people give up. I don’t know about anyone else, but I refuse to let this happen and will continue to contact them until either my issue is resolved or I get reimbursed for the product that is being sold and not having their warranty honored. I feel like this could be a legal issue if things aren’t changed.


Hi Jason,
I live in Sweden and here we’re used to buying from a store directly, because Bragi like most companies in the west including other western countries is more friendly to replacing products to retailer supplies. 1 week after buying my Bragis they became defective and I was given a whole new unopened box by the store. I recommend you go this way in the future.
Never had problems since. Ty Bragi

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Except Bragi with the Dash Pro is gone. Bragi sold the hardware department to “someone”…

@CHerbst And yet – even this very day – Bragi tweets “We are in the final preparations for our product transfer. Stay tuned!”

Also, they changed the graphic for The Dash Pro at

We promise to have an announcement very soon!

Thanks for the continuously support throughout the years. Our main focus now is to provide software for all industry partners, in order to push the boundaries for Hearables!

I would be happy to join a class action suit if your firm decides to pursue Bragi for failure to honor warranty. My story is same - I’ve been waiting since August 2018 for replacement units. Bragi has basically just stollen the units I purchased by never replacing them with working unit, or at least returning the defective ones to me.

Here you go Kristian:

I’ve been waiting A YEAR now for you guys to replace my defective device that was sent to your facility MONTHS ago…or at least return the defective unit if there’s nothing you guys could do. Instead support keeps closing every case that I open to get a replacement.

Hello everyone!

I think it is a shame on how Bragi has treated its supporters! Because, that is what I see here, not only customers but supporters of this company when it was no more than a Kickstarter with a good idea for a product!

I can perfectly understand that Bragi is heading to another line of business, I can perfectly understand that there might be delays in the replacement process due to the line of business being sold to God knows which company, but what is very clear and what is not acceptable nor understandable is that Bragi’s supporters/customers were not taken into consideration when this decision was made! It is very clear that Bragi has been systematically lying to their customers through their customer support by making out excuse after excuse about the delays on RMA processes and delays on warranty replacements. They never were straight forward with their customers on the real reason why there was no production of replacement units and even when I can understand that certain confidentiality is needed in some situations, it is clear to me that Bragi did not take its supporters/customers seriously and with any consideration as in providing other options for us not to suffer the consequences of this line of business sell, which by the way, Bragi has proven to us that was very poorly planned and it has been very poorly executed towards specially customer service wise for the benefit of their loyal supporters and customers! Bragi has failed in setting real time expectations for pending and upcoming warranty replacement processes and it seems they think they can fix it all with a lot of “sorrys” and their favorite word for setting up time expectations has become “soon”.

Someone mentioned here to treat Bragi with some respect, but I personally think that respect is earned and the way Bragi has treated their supporters/customers making them wait for their replacements for months creating false expectations and different excuses each time is just very disrespectful from their side! If someone is frustrated is in his right! and if someone seems to be disrespectful I would say that Bragi has brought that on itself they have disrespected the trust their supporters/customers had on it because on the way they have handled this whole thing!


Mmmh… just a thought… and this thought does not make the situation any better but may explain a lot. What if Bragi did not “change” business intentionally but was forced to sell of because of insolvency? And what if the buyer is not a company intending to produce units but just wants to increase its patent pool?
I agree that this is the worst case situation. But unfortunately it explains what we saw during the last year. Producing replacement units is an expensive process without any additional income. Yes - they are forced by law to guarantee a working product. But if too many units have to be replaced? It simply destroys the company…
I really hope that this is not the truth and I am only pessimistic. Honestly!