Am I the only one? Waiting months


I was a kickstarter supporter of Bragi (eagerly waiting through the massive delays, even when features were cut such as the O2 Sensor)… I have multiple Bragi products but I think I’m done. I’ve been waiting since November for a replacement right Dash Pro. Every few weeks the excuse changes as to why they can’t replace it. I don’t get it. I can buy a new one online right now - are they only shipping to resellers?

I loved the product - there’s still nothing out there that is the right mix of size, features, water proof for me… but I used the things every single day and I have to replace them with something.

Are other people in the same boat? I’ve seen similar comments here and on the largest online retailer’s site. I’m about to file a complaint with the FTC for failing to honor a warranty.


@JasonG: I WISH I had been a Kickstarter backer of Bragi. You are very lucky! I actually even bought a used Kickstarter Dash! Anyway, I was under the impression that there is still an O2 sensor, but that there’s simply not any shipped code for it yet. Where did you get your information from?

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Ps. I am waiting for a replacement Dash Pro also since November. It’s less of an issue for me though, because I have multiple pairs. In fact, I just bought a second Tailored Dash Pro, which has far superior boom than the PerfectFit Dashes. Starkey seems to have stock, so why don’t you get one of those?


One of the kickstarter updates said they removed the O2 sensor functionality due to various constraints (time, cost, space, I’m not sure).

I also have more than one pair. That pair has a ~five minute (seriously) battery life in the right dash, so it’s dead as well. Bragi wouldn’t repair it because it was out of warranty (understandable, though I’d have been happy to have paid for it). You can’t swap the battery, so it’s useless. Ever try taking one apart? I’m thinking of trying it.

I considered a pair of tailored Dash Pros but have heard bad things from a friend of mine who does medical work for hard of hearing folks. She said the few people who like them really love them but the other 80% end up with something else after a short period. I also don’t want to go through the hassle of having another set of customs made. Maybe it’s better now, but my last pair (Ultimate Ears before Logitech bought them) took multiple attempts and months from start to finish.

Anyway - I just want the warranty honored and preferably some recompense at this point. I’m back to using my wired custom IEMs, which are great… but wired & not waterproof.

It’s also frustrating that I keep getting told a different story, though the shipping thing has stuck for a few weeks, now. I wonder if it’s a regulatory thing… or if they’re having financial issues as there shouldn’t be a shipping issue so complex it takes months to fix.

I was a staunch evangelist for Bragi for years; any time people asked about them I’d stop and give them instructions on where to buy - and a glowing recommendation.


Well, the tech. specs on the support site clearly state that there are dual pulse oximeters, so I think it might just be a software issue.

I don’t have any that I consider to be “spare” enough to open. But I have often wondered about all that is crammed into that tiny package. I think I read once that they use “ultra-sonic welding” or something. I bet you’d need a Dremel (sp?) or other small electric saw to get inside. Or maybe just a nutcracker?

The process of getting fitted and getting my initial pair was pretty painless, I thought. The molding goo was kind of cold – but it sounds like you know that. There was a comedy of errors in getting the fit adjusted (the first was a bit too tight, but the second was perfect) and getting a repair at the same time, but I did eventually get it resolved – after a few months. Was frustrated with both my audiologist and Starkey, but I totally kept my cool the whole time.

I’m sure that Bragi will get us our replacement pairs eventually. Maybe they could get us official Bragi T-Shirts or something (@Kristian :wink: )

Disappointing that you’ve been getting mixed messages from support, though.

Keep the faith! It’s too soon to give up! :slight_smile:

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First of all, thank you so much for backing us since the beginning Jason! It means a lot for the whole Team, and be sure that you’ve been very important in order for Bragi to scale as well.

I would really like to help you guys with the replacements, and I know it’s so frustrating not receiving anything. @JasonG, please provide your personal email to me in a DM, and I’ll have a look at the conversation wth our Support Team.

@Josh, thanks for always contributing in the team, helping people out with the positive approach you’re having. It’s really valuable to us! I’ll let you know once I have any news (I know you’ve received this message before), but be sure that I’ll do everything I can.

Make it a good day, and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other inputs / constructive feedback.

Kristian - Team Bragi