Alexa only in English?


Is there a possibility to change the Language to German? Neither in the Bragi nor in the Amazon settings I found a way to switch to German.


According to the release notes German is supported. To quote:

The Dash is now Amazon Alexa-enabled.
⟩ Currently available in English (US), English (UK) and German language.

You should contact support. Let us know what happens!

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I don‘t know what happened. I connected to Amazon Alexa and „she“ talked only in English although I stay in Austria. But „she“ understand German. Former I had an Account, perhaps this could be the reason. But my Amazon Echo Talks German.


Which support shall I contact? Bragi Ort Amazon? Do you have a link?


Hi Josh

Indeed! Alexa should take your default Amazon Alexa settings, if German is your Amazon accounts language selection then your interactions with Alexa through the Dash should also be in German.