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What is the difference between the Dash and the Dash Pro? I inquired about the Dash before I purchased it to make sure it had all the hardware it needed to do all the things being proclaimed and I was assured it did? As an example, in the live stream yesterday, I got the impression that Itranslate would work with the Dash but when you go to the Itranslate app and website, it directs you to purchase the Dash Pro? Does it work with the Dash or do you have to have the Dash Pro? Also, I have been patiently waiting on oxygen saturation and temperature tracking which is a big desire for me as I would like to track these metrics while running. Can you provide any insight to when those metrics can be expected?


Dear Sirs,
I could not wait to by one of your fabulous products and I guess I was one of your first customers 2 years ago. I’m still thrilled! Today unfortunately the right one stopped doing anything. I thought it was due to a flat battery but I was wrong. However, back in the box the right one is still dead. Would you be so kind to let me know if I can do something about it?!
Kind regards
Dirk Lehmann