Ability to remove animations in Bragi App


I get it, animations are cool (i work with them!), the first time, especially in UI/UX.

But after a while they become annoying and bothersome, at least to me.

The Bragi app has a lot of, what i would say, annoying animations that adds a split second longer waiting time for me to ‘get’ to the relevant information, i.e the settings section, etc. Would it be possible to add a ‘remove app animation buttons’, or ‘reduce movement’ like Apple Implemented in their ease of access on the iPhone?

Adding this would make the app feel more snappier to me.

On a side note. I’ve recognized that it takes a half a second or one second, sometimes two seconds, to load the next UI screen in the Bragi App (iPhone 6s). Is this because the app is loading the ‘next’ UI element and the animations are used to mask the loadingtimes of the next UI element? Or is it just the animations that adds these ‘extra’ waiting times? Just a thought.


To be honest I’m hardly use the app. I just pop them in my ear and navigate through tough.