A plea for help


Posting this here after Bragi has completely stopped answering emails in my support case.

My Dash Pro broke after one hour of use. It’s the issue where the left headphone stops working that has been described by others.

Due to a 48 hour delay on every support communication with Bragi, it took nearly a week to establish that it needed replacement.

Upon first receiving my Dash Pro, New Zealand customs charged me $150.02 in fees and taxes. I asked Bragi in one of the early emails about the replacement if customs would charge me a second time for the replacement unit. I was assured the replacement product would clearly be marked as a replacement and that there would be nothing to pay.

After the return was booked with the courier (UPS), the courier failed to pick up the parcel from my office for three consecutive days, preventing me from going out in case the courier would decide to show up. On the third day I gave up and spent an hour and a half, driving to the courier drop off location myself.

When the return shipment finally got back to Bragi, days went by without any information. I had to email once to make Bragi check that the return arrived and a second time for the replacement unit to be issued. At long last, nearly a month after my Dash Pro broke, the replacement arrived in New Zealand, where it promptly got held up by customs. At this point I reached out to Bragi asking that they step in, given their earlier promise. I received no response. In the following days, I spent several hours on the phone with the courier company, trying to get the parcel released from customs to no avail. I reached out to Bragi a second time asking for help. Again, no reply.

This is the state of matters today. I have paid Bragi for the Dash Pro, I have paid $150.02 in import fees to New Zealand, yet have no product. New Zealand customs is unlikely to release the product to me without some further payment, even though I have paid all the fees once before. And Bragi seems to have decided to turn a blind eye.

Unless Bragi steps in, I will have wasted north of $600 and countless hours and frustrations on this product I used for one hour. I am extremely disappointed.


That is a pretty horrible situation and I definitely feel tour pain. Had they not promised you otherwise, I would say it’s not their problem. Since they promised you that you wouldn’t have to pay the fee a second time tho… they should take care of it in my opinion. I wouldnt stop trying to get a hold of them and keep trying to get a hold of them through email and also the online chat feature on there website. The online chat is only available during their business hours I think, but it beats waiting for a reply for a day or 2. You could also post on the social media to voice your problem and make them step in. They do seem to lightly monitor the forums and Facebook. Good luck! Hope this helps a little


@Dtitus6297, thanks for pointing out the live chat. I hadn’t seen that, possibly due to my time zone. Will give that a try!



Thanks for reaching out.

I’m really sorry to hear about this case, and be sure that I will help you in this matter! Please provide your Case ID so I can follow up personally and get back to you.

Kristian - Team Bragi