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I’ve raised this before but not had a comment from anyone on the forum who may or may not have had the same experience. Pehaps if I frame it as a feature request, someone may chime in.

I’ve logged a couple runs with The Dash recently. It would be really cool if it gave some kind of idea of calories consumed during the activity. On my April 3 run, it logged 12,988 steps over 10.3 Km and recorded it as 5 calories. April 26, it recorded a 12.5 Km run with 15,846 steps and 7 calories. I’ve had such results in the past, but sometimes a different higher more realistic number would replace the initial calorie after a day or two. I thought it might be the manner in which I started or ended the activity, by ear piece tap or app click, or some combination but never did figure out what led to the ridiculous reading.

So as a feature, how about a detailed instruction manual about how this should work and get it correctly synched to the app. And as a bonus feature, how about just getting a basic feature that’s been there from the start just to work as one might expect.

Just logged an 11.9 K run. 8 calories. Started and stopped the activity with the phone.

Given the lask of responses, I take it that no one has ever gotten a meaningful calorie number from their Dash. I was sold on the activity tracking on these and find that the step counts correlate well with my Garmin watch but that’s as good as it gets.

A nice feature would be calorie count based on distance and heart rate as well as weight. I thought this was a built in feature but it’s not, so please add it.

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I can’t say I have Jwelz. I don’t really use the activity tracker on the dash. I can try it out over the weekend on the bike though I let you know what I get in terms of Calorie read out here if you like

I have a suspicion that few use the activity tracking features. I found the biking cadence to be very accurate both indoor and out but found wind noise to be too much a problem outdoors. I’d like to have been able to turn off the audio on the traffic side to feel secure using them for my rides.
My primary hope had been to get some tracking while swimming as I used to swim frequent hour long sessions in pools but I had heard on these forums about failures, presumably from water ingress. Perhaps people left the units in their cars in the sun and they warped or the waterproofing just wasn’t up to the task. I really looked forward to having audio books and tracking feedback as my Garmin swim tracking didn’t include real time heartrate recording, though it counted strokes and laps. The other disappointment was that I had ripped my library to low data rate mp3s and it was confirmed by Bragi that the data rate was not supported despite no mention in the specs. After troubleshooting following instructions to the letter, the conclusion was reached. Following the insructions led to the situation where one of the headphones then caused my Windows computer to report a problem with one of the ‘drives’ and tech support never responded to any questions of how to resolve that issue. Not wanting to possibly brick that ear piece, I simply live with that issue. I’ve now had my Dash for just over two full years and get about 2 hours 40 minutes of use from a full charge. This is about what I expected, though the activity tracking has proved to be an enormous disappointment.

wow… that was an awful experience. I haven’t opened the bragi app in ages least of all to track an activity.

first the most up to date app wouldn’t wouldn’t connect. I had to turn bluetooth off and back on within the app to get it to connect. this happens everytime I close out of the app.

then I started my cycling activity. I rode for about 20 mins when I tried to finish the activity the button did nothing… the pause button did nothing and the timer showed only 1 min 11 second .

a complete failure. cant even check the log for calorie information for you man.


Thanks for trying. I’ve had mixed success and have tried variations including starting and stopping an activity without the app being connected to the earpieces, starting with ear piece tap and stopping with app, starting with app and stopping with tap and of course, ensuring the ear pieces stay powered up post activity until connected to the app as there is no interim storage of an activity if powered off unlike my Garmin devices. Given that there is storage space for files, dumping data temporarily to non-volatile storage would be a reasonably expected feature.

The only way this might possibly work for swimming, in our city, camera phones aren’t allowed in public swimming pools, is of one could start and stop the app by tap and connect afterwards but that process has not worked well for me. Stopping the activity has typically been numerous ineffective taps. At least my Garmin Vivoactive counts lengths and strokes but I’m really after a live heart rate metric and Garmin specialised swim devices record that to a strap and synch post activity.

As a feature request, I would like the basic advertised and promised features to work.

Well, the tracking worked for me this time, from the app, but it seems cycling doesn’t report on estimated calorie consumption, only the running doh