A feature request forum. Just with daily use cases features or mad scientist ideas


#1 REQUEST IS BATTERY LIFE AS A PERCENT IN THE APP!!! Or at least some more accurate way of telling what’s left. My dash pro just go blue to green and red. Yellow light never even comes on for middle batt life indicator

I definitely think transparency volume adjustment in the app would be my next request and also an equalizer would be nice.
Second would be more customization of the gestures and what they do, like adding transparency on/off to the cheek tap and maybe even the 4d menu. Would be great to be able to put my own picks in the 4d menu.
Third is some kind of transparency filters like wind shield but for other situations like on a train or plane or automobile or any loud situation where you want to hear people and not background noise.
Fourth is a way to turn on/off the onboard assistant voice. When adjusting tranparency and volume back n forth around the safe level, it can get a little obnoxious


Put the audio transparency on the list of options for the cheek tap menu. Also a battery percent in the app please! The charge lights are all but useless! Mine are blue for a few minutes, green like the whole time and turn red at the last 20 minutes or so, no yellow lights


Is it possible to integrate Alexa into the app, also to let me choose Amazon Music as my default player.


I would like a longer delay before the dash powers on so I can insert in my ears properly before my fingers start activating all sorts on commands.


Would be great to add a menu option via 4d menu or in app, to toggle between multiple devices to connect to via Bluetooth. My Bose head handles this flawlessly. The Dash Pro however not so great.


Training plans to download onto the Dash


I just received my Dash Pro so my apologise if these features already exist.

I think its of paramount importance to get the basic right! Some basic features are missing:

  1. Mute microphone during a call.
  2. Connect to and easily switch between multiple devices. I have a Plantronics Voyager Edge, and it is just amazing as it connects to multiple devices and automatically plays from the device thats sending it audio. So if I’m listening to music on my computer and get a phone call I just answer the call without having to do the silly connect/disconnect that i have to do on the Dash. Even my wifes UE Boom plays from whatever device is sending it audio. Really hope this basic feature is given priority.

Great device, but you have to get the basics right!


Is there any way to make a storage spot in the charging case for extra tips, and make them cheap and easy to order more of just the size I use? I work 300 miles from home and forgot the box my extras are in…now I’m stuck the rest of the week with a torn tip!


Hi Bragi Team,
I have received my Dash Pro devices and found following things that would make it easier for me:

  • Placing an R & L on the Dash to see which one to use in which ear.
  • Include a “mute” functionality for phone calls on the Dash
  • somehow it is not easy to insert my Dash into the case and get them charging. I have to insert my Dash multiple times that it get charged. Slight movement of the Dash get’s the Dash disconnected from the case.

That’s it for now. For the rest I am happy :slight_smile:


Thank for the input! It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Make sure that The Golden Pins within The Charger is straight. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to insert The Dash Pro if they’re bent.

Make it a great day!

Your Team Bragi


I have had my Pros for about a week so far and they are by far the best fit and functionality headphones I have tried. I returned my Bose Soundsport Free (no HR monitor) and Jabra Elite Sports. There are a couple features on each of them that are very nice.

  1. Make it easier to switch between devices. Actually if you can enable multipoint bluetooth, that would be really helpful. I think another person posted similar last year, but one of the best features of my Bose (over ear) is that i can easily switch devices by touch if I want to move between my phone and laptop for a voice call. On my phone I can pick the connection for the headphones and it will re-connect. On a Windows device, you don’t have the option to re-connect so I have to put the headphones in a searching for device mode and cycle my computer’s bluetooth off then on to connect.

  2. More exercise please :slight_smile: I do a lot of indoor walking and stationary biking where I don’t need GPS etc. Or rather than trying to create all the exercises people request, allow to make custom exercises and pick the statistics and settings for that particular exercise.

  3. Allow, ‘muting,’ the workout stats every 5 minutes. Although, it could be helpful, it can be quite distracting at times.

Other than that, these are amazing headphones!! They have replaced my Bose for in flight headphones (although switching between devices is very challenging). Also, I have been testing the accuracy of the HR monitor in the Bragi against my Polar chest strap monitor simultaneously. I was pretty amazed how accurate the Bragi was.


I’ve used the run activity for walking by changing stride length from that used for running, and back again for running. It’s accurate enough when compared with my Garmin with GPS outdoors and translates for indoors.

I also use it for indoor biking and the cadence and heartrate are accurate. Distance depends on gear and incline which are bike settings not recordable to the Bragi app.

A rowing activity should be able to give stroke rate with high accuracy and also provide a relatively accurate stroke length (range of head movement vs oar movement varies with body proportions).

Rather than implementing more activities, I’d rather see a heart rate graph in the app which is more useful in comparing common or repeated activities over time.


I would also be interested in a heart rate graph. I am starting to think I should take back my comment on the HR monitor’s accuracy. I am constantly finding that the during activity, the HR monitor will fall from say 120 BPM to 80 BPM for a minute or two, then jump back up to the actual HR. When the app shows the HR had dropped, both the chest strap and treadmill are showing a much higher HR.


I have activated the Google Fit app on my Android device and have found that it records Bragi Dash data to plot a very detailed heart rate graph using hundreds of points over a 40 minute activity. I have not attempted to determine the intervals between readings but I have counted up to 44 different points in a 5 minute segment and these may include numerous adjacent duplicate reading points between them as well. That would mean the Dash is providing more than 8 readings per minute.

I was doing some light interval training and was using a Garmin chest strap monitor for comparison. Each interval was clearly defined in the Bragi data and I was able to overlay an appropriately scaled screenshot of the Fit over my Garmin app heartrate plot and it was a very good match from warm up 90 BPM to 152 BPM and back down through cool down. My absolute max heart rate is about 180 (over 60 years of age) but I’ve only slowly been ramping up cardio over the past month so I haven’t yet verified accuracy above 150 pulse. So far it has rarely differred from a chest strap reading by more than a couple BPM in my applications to date.

In conjunction with the Fit app there is good data to review performance and the Dash is plenty accurate in my experience and much better than I had hoped. Now if only there were a better way to monitor heart rate on demand without carrying a phone… One other item I always track is my 2 minute heart rate recovery number. If I were able to more consistently and accurately end an activity, it would be great if the Bragi could report the difference in heart rate between stopping and at the point 2 minutes later. Then I could consider the Dash as a replacement for a chest strap in a greater proportion of activities.


I have a mad cap idea that I thought I’d type out here.

So, I am running Android Oreo and I think within the power management settings it kills background apps if you haven’t been using them to save power. Cool. So for example if I’m listening to spotify, or the internal music app but I pause and stop listening for a while the app will be closed, so when I tap the Dash to resume… no music plays. I know you can launch apps by voice without taking the phone of ouf your pocket, but I’ve detailed in this forum before how there seems to be an issue with google assistance letting you do nothing really unless the screen is on. What I would like is a software shortcut either on the 4D menu, or maybe a sequence of TAPS on the dash itself that would OPEN spotify maybe a user assignable player. Essentially so if my phone is in my pocket, I don’t have to take it out. I can tap to launch spotify and bring it to the foreground and then tap the dash to play and get right into my music!

I wonder how possible this kind of integration would be?



Great input as always Bane!

Really much appreciated. We have a Development Team who’s constantly working on implementing the feedback from our Bragi Family.

It has been forwarded :smiley:

Kristian - Team Bragi


Very cool Kristian. Thanks a lot!


As for sports tracking it would be nice to implement some adjustable yet simple tabata/HIIT/interval timer for fitness and gym users


Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated :smiley:

Would be awesome using timers for fitness.