A feature request forum. Just with daily use cases features or mad scientist ideas


Just a large bucket Bragi can dip into if they need inspiration to new/improved feature ideas on their products ?


Some great ideas come from the community! give us all you got :slight_smile:

  1. Noise cancellation
  2. Hearing enhancement (for voices in noisy environments)


I love being able to navigate menus and skip tracks by shaking my head. I also thought the last addition of being able to automatically enable transparency when pause is selected was incredibly practical. I think being able to assign a head gesture to play/pause music would be a joyous addition. Perhaps looking up and holding that position for 2 seconds before looking back to level again.


Does such navigation work reliably?


Well, part of what I’ve talked about here is implemented in the new OS 3.0 in the 4d menu. I must say, the 4d menu gesture navigation from looking down, up and left and right is fantastic and very accurate as long as you understand what you have to do to initiate it. I’m really impressed.


Not sure if the sensors can capture it but otherwise G-force reading would be useful for plenty of activities; some I can think of: Ski jump; Kitesurfing; Wakeboarding; Skateboarding, BMX, etc.


Like to see touch lock be implemented into the 4D menu.
Great way enable/disable without the need of touching the Dash/app.


Great minds! I was happy to find 4d play/pause /skip tracks all work while touch lock is engaged so it’s really great. Deactivation through the menu would be the final coup de gras


Something I was just thinking of which would be awesome but I’m not sure if it is possible
But I was thinking about what if you let the bragi app/dash/dash pro use your location and then give you information or feedback on that place
For example it will make a noise when it has information on that place and all you would need to do is tap and it will tell you what it is and where you are at
Another cool idea is if it tracks that you are in an area your not suppose to be “private property” then it could notify you with the same noise and when you click on it it will tell you " this is private property "
I can imagine that being much more difficult since being told an area is off limits willing also depend on the time and such so it makes it a tad difficult but it would be an awesome idea for people who are exploring around town


Can we hope to be able to use the GPS in running ?


For the love of god, being able to control the dash audio transparency volume separately would make such a great difference.


Tracking for inline speed skating would be great—there is no current app for that which works well.


How about using your head like a computer mouse, move pointer with your head and right cheek tap instead of right click. might be fun.


I like what Said about seeying info on the spot Where someone is. Mad idea similar to that I had was beeying able to Go Back in time to see How things where in the past. Like VR helmet idea that Will give you the visual of How the area looked like in the past. Problem there is that we do not have images from all places but it’s a rough idea. If Google Maps streetview screenshots Can be combined from all around the world. you could lock iT to a date and make iT available viewable content. Like in 30 years you could Go Back to 2017 and walk the streets like the old days.

Future plans could be…VR traveling. Like me I would not be able to afford the traveling I would like to do. I have to die Knowing not beeying able to see in life of the world as I would have loved. I still have this idea of a boat floating over the Amazone river with 360 camera and someone beeying able to login from distance to be able to experience the visual video capture combined with the sound If that spot. This could also be a 360 camera while someone walks through the piramids. You Can Go through iT on a virtual tour and. You guys get the idea now I Guess :grin::+1:

Feature that could be added would be sort of daily braintrain feature. Combined with the glas.

Something I personally would love to see is when I play music on my ears that I would see the lyrics On my glass. I love music and singing but my Brain Just is not capable of remembering these things and frustrates me. Always having those lyrics in front of me would for me be a very very important thing.

Adding to that would be for music lessons. Or musicians that need to see the notes in front of them while playing orchestra.


I love that idea@Dean


@Kees_Ahoud thanks
I feel like it would create this 4D world that’s connected to the real world which would make the whole expirance so much immersive


While not necessary would be nice to see the Dash Pro battery percentage in the iOS battery widget like it does with the Headphone. :+1:


I’d like to see one of the Virtual 4D options be “resume running”. If you have to stop in the middle of a run, it pauses it & only gives you the option to finish it, but not resume it.


Audio Transparency controls as well as Windshield controls would make a WORLD of difference while cycling