4D Menu Customization and extended functionality


The 4D Menu is great as it is now, and the basic interaction principle appears to be set.
I think there are ways to expand it and make it an even greater innovation.
Here are my suggestions:

  • Customization: The user could be able to select the 4 (or up to 6) menu options themselves (if possible, for both the “connected-menu” as well as the “disconected-menu”). For example, I rarely use the fitness tracking functions and would like to replace it with an option that tells me the time/status (like in disconnected mode).
  • Sub-Menus: Building up on the Suggestion to customize the menu, there are some possible options that could use sub menus. For example, having an option “Playback Control” which then leads you to a sub-menu that allows you to select play/pause, skip forward, skip backward. Another Idea would be playlist selection, when not connected to the user’s phone. There are four playlist folders on the internal storage, so upon selecting “Playlist Selection” in the 4D “Main Menu”, one could then select from one of the four in similar fashion. A third example is Volume control: After selecting a corresponding option from the “Main Menu”, turning the head to the leftmost position for 0%, rightmost position for 100% and maybe 2-4 anchorpoints in between could be used to select volume. In order to make the volume selection more intuitive, for each anchorpoint there could be an audible feedback (a click/ping/pop sound whose volume depends on the currently selected volume). The individual levels for the anchorpoints could be customizable as well. I am pretty sure the sub-menu idea could be applied to the fitness tracking functionality as well.

Like this, each user could make the best of the 4D menu. Like it simple? Restrict yourself to four options without any sub menus (this is pretty much what the menu is right now, except for the customizability). Want full control over your music without a single touch? Add playlist selection and playback control options with corresponding sub menus to your menu!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read through this. I appreciate your feedback.



Thanks for your message, and for the great feedback regarding The 4D Menu.

We are always working to improve our product and it’s performance, and we appreciate interests in this process.

The Dash and The Dash Pro has been designed so that continued software updates will improve performance and provide new features over time.

I’ll forward the suggestions to the Development Team, so they can look into this and optimize future releases.

Greetings from Munich,
Kristian & your Team Bragi