3.2 Hearing Test results - Wow. Need LDAC next


I have been using the Pro with the 3.2 update for a couple of weeks now. I have performed the hearing test a couple of times to see if the results were consistent in the changes made to the Dash Pros sound signature. They have been. First, the results increased the default volume by quite a bit (should I be concerned? Not according to my physician, who tested my hearing a year and a half ago). What I really notice is the increase detail in the music playback. I am hearing detail in certain test tracks that I do not hear with any of my other earphones - including good wired ones like my Cardas EarSpeakers. Wow.

Now, we need Bragi to add LDAC bluetooth codec support. Every Android phone running Oreo (8.0+) has it as an option. It allows for three times the music data transmission rate than aptx (990kps v.320kps) , almost four times that pf AAC (250kps, the only iOS codec) and almost twice that of aptx HD (570kps).

Numbers aside, I was able to buy a bluetooth receiver for my car (an older Lexus LS, but with the excellent Mark Levinson sound system) that now supports LDAC (the Ear Studio ES100). I first tried it with Spotify on my Galaxy S8 using the extreme quality download setting (320kps). I played my two audiophile test tracks with LDDAC enabled side by side against my existing aptx bluetooth receiver. No comparison. The detail, solidity of the instruments, width of sound stage and “ease” of the playback blew me away.

Now excited about the possibilities of LDAC, I played the same tracks through the ES100 with my Shanling M0 portable hi-res player, which also supports LDAC. All of the tracks on this device are at least 96kHz/24-bit files. Holy crap! It blew the S8 highest quality streaming out of the water.

I say all this because I think the Dash Pros do not get near enough credit for how good their drivers are. While I use the workout tracking features occasionally, listening to music is my personal best use for the Dash Pros. I think applying the personal hearing profile shows off the quality of the drivers to some degree. But I have also taken the time to rip a bunch of CDs in the highest quality format the Pros will support for play back (320kps). Simply sitting quietly and just listening to on-board music on the Pros is a terrific experience. Combining that with the freedom of not being connected to anything (wire or even phone) is borderline magical.

Because of the superior quality of the on-board music files, while streaming Spotify through the Dash Pros via their AAC codec is good, I almost always end up disconnecting from the phone and playing back the on-board music because it sounds sooooo much better.

Now that LDAC is freely available, we need Bragi to add this feature to bring streaming audio quality up to par (or closer) with on-board playback. While I do not know the technical barriers, this seems like it should be able to be accomplished via a software update. For example, my ES100 initially did not support LDAC. It was only added via a firmware update a few days ago.

Come on, Bragi, help an audiophile brother (who hates wires) out!

And thanks for continuing to improve the Dash and Dash Pros. I cant wait to see what’s coming next.


I agree on the sound quality. I think the Dash pro sounds great and while I often use them while on the move when one can’t rally appreciate the sound quality properly, I have found myself sitting listening in enjoyment at home with them.

The mimi update does indeed seem to enhance the clarity and the sharpness of different instruments and I’m enjoying the moments where i notice this more than others.