3.2 - Activity - Not showing for new activty


I will test this tomorrow - but thought I would go ahead and post something here.
I have the latest BOS 3.2 on my phone (Android - Galaxy S9) and updated my Dash Pro to 3.2 as well … all functioning as expected - except…

I went for a run today (in 102 degree - probably not smart) and the Dash Pro detected the Run - gave me stats along the way -

I finished the Run.

got back to my office - opened the Bragi app on my phone - the Dash Pro connected - gave time for the Activity to refresh - but it never shows up.

I seem to recall that previously (granted it was on iPhone) that if I came back later -the Activity would get refreshed back to my Bragi App - and that I would not have to start it prior to beginning my activity.

Is that not the case ?


Thanks for reaching out!

I’ll just contact our Development Team to clarify this issue.

Please be a little patient in the meantime - I’ll be back ASAP :slight_smile:



@Kristian - thanks for checking,
Just an update - i tried again today - this time I did start my Bragi App first - then did my activity (Running) and the Ear buds stated my activity had started / finished - with time/steps/heartrate announced.

When I went back to bragi app on the phone (Android , Galaxy S9) there was no recording of the activity listed.

Bragi OS 3.2 on both buds and phone.