3.1 and 3.1.1 updates have killed three Dash Pro sets in a row


I purchased my Pros in May. Loved them. Big improvement in sound quality especially. Starting at the end of November, I attempted to update to 3.1. After several tries and hours of support efforts, the left Pro would not connect. Bragi rightly offered a replacement. When they arrived, they worked fine out of the box without me updating. I use them for both streaming and offline music playback (I love leaving the phone home during a run or walk). After doing the 3.1 update on this pair, the Pros would randomly crash within two minutes of starting to stream or play music offline. Again, after numerous resets recovery updates, etc. Bragi sent me yet another set of Pros. They arrived today. I streamed with them for a couple of hours with no problem. The app then told me of the 3.1.1 update. Foolishly, I updated them with no problem during the update process,tjinking that any bug in 3.1 might be fixed. Nope. Within maybe three minutes of playing back offline or streaming music from my phone, they randomly crash and reboot (sometimes the reboot takes longer). I suspect I am not the only person to be experiencing these issues. Anyone having this trouble? Anyone know a way to roll them back to the pre-uodate version? I don’t care about Alexa access


Support can give you access to earlier releases. I know because I asked once while I was testing something with The Dash.


Hello @Sccarlin.

We’re sorry to hear about your issues with The Update.

I can send you the downgrade files if you’re interested in receiving them?

Furthermore, if you could provide me with your Case ID I’ll check your case with my Technical supervisors.




I am facing the same problem with him. After updating to 3.1, i am facing an issue to run the music from the internal storage.

After i select the playlist, my both Dash will automatically restarting. It keep happen everytime i am trying to play the music from the internal storage.

I already update to 3.1.1 and expecting there would be patch for this problem. But it seems the problem still persist until now.

Can you provide me the previos update file? Maybe 3.01 or 3.0.2?

It would be great if you can give me the solution. I really miss my bragi to back in business

Thank you in advance


Hello @ridwanafif, I suggest you to do the recovery update! Can you please provide me with your email, so I can send the instructions?



Here is my email,

Happy to hear from you soon




I had done the recovery update and remove all the songs before run it.

Tried it for several times but the problem still persist.

I really need the previous Bragi OS to see wheather it will functioning normally or not.

Please help me.



I have send you an email! :slight_smile:


I am having the same problem. After upgrading to os 3 my headphones are completely dead. Can you send me files to fix the issue. Thank you.


Hi @robert! If you reach us via support@bragi.com we’ll help you solving this issue!


I’ve had the same problem with the Dash. I updated my original Dash to 3.1.1 and the update bricked it. I received 2 replacements and the 3.1.1 update bricked the replacements. Is this a known problem? Is there anywhere I can find a downgrade files?


Hi, I have had the same problem as ridwanafif, where after upgrading my Bragi Dash to 3.1.1, it keeps rebooting when I try to play offline music. I have already gone through tech support multiple times and tried all the forms of rebooting without success. Can you send me the downgrade files to see if it will work for me? Thank you



If you’re reaching out our Customer Support, then we can help you solving this issue :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


It seems to me like it’s common issue, I’m facing exacly the same problems as described above starting with @Sccarlin, I received them with bos 3.0.2 and it worked flawlessly until the upgrade to 3.1.1 when they started to reboot randomly during streaming or playing internal player as well, occasionally it’s crashing just the left dash, even after the rencent upgrade to bos 3.2 didn’t fix the problem, I have the feeling its even worse, now after taking them out from the case in the morning they’re not turning on, have to do like numerous reinserts with refresh to make them work, quite frustrating, is it possible to downgrade over bragi updater, cause my left dash is not mounting to the pc?


I’ve got the same problem. My left dash is completely dead, it’s not even mounting as a storage


Finally I managed to mount both dash to the pc by performing recovery upgrade procedure when the both dash sits in the case, not separately, anyways the upgrade was successful and my dash pro worked just for the moment, the problem appears relentlessly like a failures of national polish soccer team. Already contacted bragi support and now awaiting solution from them.