2019-09-20: Bragi is leaving the B2C and sold its Product Business to the Company E-Use

From Bragi via Facebook 2019-09-20:

“Bragi is leaving the B2C and sold its Product Business to the Company E-Use.

We focus on our strength and offer our groundbreaking Software Technology and User Experience to the Audio Industry.

Bragi will keep on pushing the boundaries enabling brands and manufacturers to create Truly Smart Audio Products. Together we’ll lead #Hearables to the next level!

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As we released in April, our product line has been acquired by a third party company. The company E-Use are taking over our Product Business, and they will continue to support all the customers and bring more outstanding products!

For any inquiries, please contact E-use directly on support@euse.com!

We want to make the Bragi Experience accessible for more people and to achieve that, we made it integrable for everyone, so it can be experienced in more devices than the once we’ve produced so far.

Stay tuned, go with us to the next step, and let us shape the future together!”


Thanks for this update @CHerbst i’m not on Facebook so good to get this info.

I think their homepage is what we were expecting: www.euse.com
I’m glad that Bragi secured this experience for us waiting for ages.

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Their post mentioned that Euse would also continue updating the Dash products. That sounds like that’s software wise? I wonder if their products will retain the name ‘Dash pro’ or if they will re brand it. Time will tell i guess.

In a recent mail exchange with support, they confirmed that SW updates can be expected for the Dash / Dash Pro, or at least, that’s the information they had (of course, no ETA).