10 sec Buffering for Swimming - Feature request


Just had a quick swim with the Dash Pro. Didn’t preload it with anything, so I was using Bluetooth to stream audio (mostly books/podcasts) to it. The issue, of course, was that every time I put my head under water, sound got disconnected for a few seconds.

Could you add a buffering capability that essentially allows you to stream audio during swimming? There really is no requirement for audio synchronization, since you’re not watching anything, so it can be a very specific MODE you set the Dash to. The Dash pro would buffer 10 seconds of audio, and thus you wouldn’t lose anything when under water.

Yes, the phone would have to be nearby, but normally pools are open areas, and people like putting their stuff close to them anyways.


Perhaps you could learn a stroke that doesn’t involve submerging the Dash. That way you could determine whether the Bluetooth has adequate range for your pool. I found an open field away from significant WiFi/Bluetooth electromagnetic radiation and mounted my phone on a tripod vertically right side up, upside down and horizontally, tied a loop in a piece of string around the tripod post and walked around the post at various string lengths with right ear towards and away from the phone (clockwise and counterclockwise around the tripod). You don’t need to do all this. Just swim with your head out of the water to check if there is any basis for your concept.

Perhaps you could get a helium balloon tied on a short string around your waist and develop a WiFi receiver/Bluetooth broadcaster hardware device to stay with you during your swim, with a phone that could transmit it on that protocol, plus an app to run it. A buffer might help in that situation.

I’m glad that this is only a proposal for swimming since watching watching video with Bluetooth audio with a buffered delay totally messes up the audio video synch.

The buffer that’s built in is the MP3 storage. You can buffer your entire book, albeit not via Bluetooth. It may be inconvenient to use, like it’s inconvenient to find and put on your trunks before swimming.

Now if Bragi could just dispense with the inconvenience of having to charge the ear pieces…


We would kindly recommend you to use The Internal Storage, in order to use The Dash Pro for swimming!

It’s not possible to use Bluetooth underwater at the moment, as the signal can’t be solid due to the water :slight_smile: