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Touch lock disabling (3)
Transparency auto off at high sound decibel levels (2)
Hands free volume adjustment (3)
'Sound Lock on by default' feature request (2)
Fitsleeve design (3)
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Apple watch app (1)
Has there been any thought to helping quadraplegics? (2)
Time mentionAM/PM to 24h (7)
Rightie & Leftie Dash Hardware versions (1)
FR: Ending activity is "hard" when needed to do a swipe (1)
FR: Sound Level Meter data in the Bragi app (1)
Level down volume when user starts to speak (1)
FR/BUG: When finishing exercise and you want to pause/stop music playing to hear stats. It stops both music and stats (1)
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Tailored By Starkey - Rubber Coated Earbud Shells (4)
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Resume option for audio books downloaded to internal memory (2)
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Ability to delete address in Bragi shop (1)
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